Welcome to Seattle! Home of Shiny!
Welcome to Seattle! Home of Shiny!

The unconference

For a fifth year running, rOpenSci is excited to announce our unconference 2018, this time in Downtown Seattle in the verdant Pacific Northwest. We're organizing this event to bring together scientists, developers, and open data enthusiasts from academia, industry, government, and non-profits to get together for a few days and hack on various projects. rOpenSci unconferences have a rich history. Past projects have related to open data, data visualization, data publication and open science using R. To ensure a safe, enjoyable, and friendly experience for everyone who participates, we follow a strict code of conduct and terms and conditions.

The Participants

We are assembling an exciting team of developers and enthusiasts representing academia, industry, government, and various open source projects.

Carl Boettiger

UC Berkeley, rOpenSci

Dan Sholler

UC Berkeley, rOpenSci

Elin Waring

Lehman College, CUNY

Sam Tyner

CSAFE, rOpenSci Fellow

Jon Zelner

University of Michigan, rOpenSci Fellow

Kelly Hondula

SeSync, University of Maryland, rOpenSci Fellow

Anna Krystalli

University of Sheffield

Joyce Robbins

Columbia University, Statistics

Auriel Fournier

Mississippi State University

Lincoln A. Mullen

George Mason University

Alison Hill

Oregon Health & Science University

Christine Stawitz

NOAA Fisheries - Alaska Fisheries Science Center

Tiphaine Martin

The Tisch Cancer Institute, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Ildiko Czeller


Ted Laderas

Oregon Health & Science University

Malisa Smith

University of Washington

Mark Padgham

Department of Geoinformatics, University of Salzburg

W. Kyle Hamilton

University of California, Merced

Beth Duckles

Insightful, LLC

Amanda Dobbyn

Earlybird Software

Bryce Mecum


Sam Albers

British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy

Sean Hughes

University of Washington

Michael Quinn


Paige Bailey


Join us

The rOpenSci unconference is our annual event loosely modeled on Foo Camp. This event is unlike many other unconferences in that it is mostly invite-only (past attendees often recommend new ones) with a few spots set aside for self-nominations from the community at large. The agenda is mostly decided during the conference itself. Nominations are now closed..

The Venue

Downtown Seattle


Schedule of events

All unconference ideas will begin as GitHub issues on the unconf repo in the weeks before the event. However, the actual schedule will not be decided until the morning of the 21st. You can see some of the projects proposed and read a summary of last year's event.

The Sponsors

In addition to support from the Helmsley Charitable Trust, we are extremely grateful to all the sponsors for this year's event. We are also grateful to our fiscal sponsor, NumFOCUS, for helping organize the event. If your organization would like to sponsor the unconf, please email stefanie [at] ropensci org for a sponsorship prospectus.

Platinum Sponsors

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Basic Sponsors

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